Github user pages are awesome!

I love using Github/Jekyll for blogging!

I’ve been working on finding the right blog platform for a while. My requirements are for it to be fast, convenient, source controlled and flexible. I’ve been through several rendetions of this blog that were either too complicated, ran too slowly or just didn’t quite work for me. Among others, that list includes Jekyll-Now, Word Press and Ghost.

In the end, nothing has been as simple, convenient and comfortable as using Github user pages. Combine that with finding a really great theme (based on Uno for Ghost) and life is good. Add all the other things this UNO-like theme gives you like disqus comments, google analytics, and mobile optimization to name a few - and life is GREAT!

The best part is that the blog isn’t getting in the way of the blogging.

If you haven’t tried or heard of Github user pages, you might want consider it. There are plenty of themes, it’s source controlled (obviously), and all you have to do to get started is fork a Github user page blog you like (like mine) and customize it. Simple. Powerful. Easy. Go ahead - Blog like a hacker.

Once you have that going, you might want to install Ruby and Jekyll so you can preview the blog before publishing it. Not required, but recommended. ;-)

Now I’m on to optimizing my blogging process using Windows Powershell and Github Webhooks. Stay tuned!


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