Life Hack #1

I recently implemented a life hack…

At the end of January I had begun to see some of my new goals accomplished - Reading, training, blogging. But then, as it does, life happened. I got sick with a virus and spent the better part of a work week sitting at home on a couch sifting through Netflix, Plex and Amazon offerings.

The week after, I was startin to hit my groove when out of nowhere (obviously somewhere) I got sick again, this time with Strep. I spent the better part of the week feeling worse than before, floating in and out of conciousness with Netflix, Plex and Amazon continuing in the background. I continued binging for another week and then some.

I told myself it was time to get back to working on my goals, but I apparently do not take myself seriously. I had spent a month binging on whatever T.V. series and old and new movies I could find; a new not-so-great habit had been born. Worst of all, it had derailed my plans completely. Realizing my goals were riding into the sunset without me, I decided to make a change. Enter life hack #1.

The Hack

Watch as much T.V. as you want, BUT ONLY on the weekends.

Since I started this, I have finished two books and made significant progress on my blog site (even though I’m just now getting back to writing blogs). It’s amazing how much more time I have to get things done. I’m even going to bed earlier most nights. I know - CRAZY!

It’s not easy; binging shows is addicting - very literally. But I’m sticking with it and while I have to wait to catch up on my shows, I am much more productive and feeling better about things. It’s working. I love it. I recommend you unplug too.


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